About Us

We are a tech-based startup focusing on the design and development of innovative solutions for healthcare applications. The solutions that we developed are built based on recent technologies, including cloud computing and machine learning algorithms. Our aim is to be a leading company in healthinformatics. To achieve this aim, we put our best efforts to deliver high quality of services.

Our Services

As a company that focusing on developing innovative solutions in our healthcare industry, we are offering services as follows:

Machine Learning

We design intuitive and predictive solutions using our homebrewed machine learning algorithms for data analytics

Cloud Computing

To coup with the growing needs in supporting big data infrastructure, we also develop solutions for storing and manipulating data through cloud techologies.

App Development

Utilizing our resources in developing solutions using web and mobile apps, we deliver high quality of services through the internet-based technologies.

Our Products

We provide high-end products for our customers' needs through advanced data analytics using our cloud-based machine learning facility:

On-Demand Data Analytic Platform

Our on-demand Data Analytic Platform able to store and analyze enourmous size of highly variety of data, which collected and processed by our in-house cloud computing facility. We strive to serve our customers in getting most accurate insights from the respective data.

Predictive Insight Algorithms

Our research and development in machine learning algorithms has led us to the discovery of new approaches in dealing with uncertainties of unstructured data. Our algorithms, which have been published in most high impact journals, have been widely validated by experts worldwide. We drive the use of our algorithms to meet the expectation of the users in performing prediction and analyzing the data.

Intuitive User Experience Design

Nothing is more important than our users. Our products are designed with a human touch in every aspects. In every delivery, we will customize our user interface in order to fit in the personalized experience of our various users. To ensure highly satisfaction of our customers, each product is designed according to their expectation, giving unique experiences and performance.